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The Le Mas Saint Paul olive grove is located in the commune of Mouriès. It falls under the geographical area of the Baux de Provence Valley AOP.
This Appellation of Controlled Origin is subject to a strict list of specifications, approved by the National Instituted of Protected Appellations.

This Extra Virgin olive oil is pressed locally in the above area. It can only be obtained by centrifugation at a temperature beneath 27°C, using a separate mill to produce the oil.
This provides the required guarantees: an acidity level beneath 0.8 (expressed in oleic acid), a peroxide index beneath 20 and an absence of organoleptic defects.

The following compulsory information appears on the label :

  • The production and grinding area - Baux de Provence Valley AOP olive oil
  • Its category, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • cold extracted
  • superior category olive oil obtained straight from the olives using mechanical procedures only
  • Use by date
  • Huile de France means that the oil comes from olives which have been picked and ground in France
  • This oil is a blend of the 4 main varieties of the Baux de Provence Valley
  • It must be kept away from light and heat


After use, replace the cap and screw on firmly to preserve the aromas and prevent the oil from oxidising.
Its smoke point is 210°C and its vitamins are destroyed at temperatures above 40°C.

This remarkably flavoursome oil will bring a ray of Provence sunshine to your crudités, grilled fish and vegetables, and cheese. Or simply serve as an appetiser on toast seasoned with garlic.





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